Pubblicato il 06/27/2014 13:49

Update To Payouts in WebMoney

Dear Affiliates,


Starting 16th of July a 1,5% transfer fee will be applied to all payouts in WebMoney.
We encourage everyone to change their payment method from WebMoney to Payoneer or Paxum in order to avoid these unnecessary expenses.


If you would like to change your payment method, please contact Support and we will assist you.

Pubblicato il 04/17/2014 18:55

Bonus From BongaCash & Campaigns Settings Update

Dear Affiliates,


New bonus has arrived! You are now getting additional 5% earnings from all traffic you send to through your affiliate link! Please note that bonus is applied only to campaigns, which means that the traffic you send to Whitelabels is not eligible for this bonus!


Along with a passive 5% bonus, we have made some important changes to your Campaigns settings. Now it's possible to select size (Small/Medium/Large) and amount of thumbs (20/30/50/etc) that your visitors will see on BongaCams or your Whitelabel after they click on a link. And in case you have missed our previous announce, it's now also possible to add Custom SEO Text to your Whitelabels in order to make your pages more relevant to your keywords and increase uniqueness of your pages.


Happy Easter from!

Pubblicato il 04/11/2014 18:20

Bitcoin & Custom SEO Text Fields

Dear Affiliates,


There's a bunch of IMPORTANT UPDATES and GOOD NEWS we want to share with you.


Since 9th of April 2014 all visitors of BongaCams can use Bitcoin to purchase Tokens!


The decision to start accepting crypto-currency was made in accordance to our aim to provide clients with a wider choice of payment methods they can use. Furthermore, with Bitcoins we hope to significantly increase sales generated by our clients from China, India and South Korea. The more Tokens your referred visitors spend, the more money you make!


Visitors from Russia won't be able to use Bitcoin to purchase Tokens due to a regulations set by Russian authorities, which clearly prohibits Russians from using the new digital currency.


We are confident that Bitcoin will become a very popular payment method, because Bitcoin gives you the best rate when acquiring Tokens. For example: purchasing 50 Tokens costs 0.0157 Bitcoin (0.0157 Bitcoin – is approximately $7.10). Buying the same amount of Tokens with a credit card will cost you $7.99 NB! Exchange rate is checked upon purchase to ensure it's up to date.


Along with a new payment option we have improved one of the most loved PROMO TOOLS – WHITELABELS have received a CUSTOM TEXT FIELDS which you can use to make your pages be more unique in the eyes of Google! It's not a secret that search engines are ranking unique content higher than low quality content, so make sure that you fill pages of your WL with a copywrited articles relevant to your keywords and anchors that you use to promote your domain!


Make more money with your traffic, monetize it through BongaCash! Next week we plan to announce a new passive bonus that everyone will be able to achieve and some new features to your affiliate account. Stay tune!

Pubblicato il 01/07/2014 18:06

Bonus From BongaCash & New Promo Tools

Dear Affiliates,

During the 1st of January and early morning of 2nd of January there has been a temporary issue with registrations. Because of that, we have credited your accounts with your average income for 1,5 days based on December stats. Additionally you have received a 10% extra bonus! The whole amount that has been added to your stats of 2nd of January.

Great news! Dynamic Banner Promo is now working on all mobile devices with absolutely no exceptions! No blank spots left – if device doesn't support Flash, this promo will be rotating an attractive images of our sexy models! This improvement has rocketed it's CTR sky-high comparing to previous results!

New Promo Tool has become available! Footer Bar is developed to fill the footer of your website with the webcam categories and a mini-preview of Live Shows. It perfectly fits almost every website and has managed to show very good CTR during tests. 

Footer Bar Promo example

BongaCash is wishing a Happy New Year to all our new and experienced affiliates! Higher conversion and bigger payouts in 2014!

Pubblicato il 12/19/2013 18:30

BongaCams - Now Available From Mobile!

Dear Affiliates, and all its WhiteLabels are now available from any mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android and all others! 

Send your mobile traffic to BongaCash and let your visitors enjoy it's flexibility! It's extra fast and have a very simple interface with all important features of a webcam chat. 

Quick & Easy registration process! 
Free & Paid chats! 
All payment methods available! 

BongaCams Mobile Version

We would also like to remind you that BongaCash & BongaCams are nominated for GFY Awards and we encourage everyone to support us in following categories: 

BongaCash – The Best Affiliate Program 
BongaCams – The Best Live Cam Company 

Every vote is highly appreciated!